An Empowered Feeling

Well I finally did it! I created my foundation Me Too No More with services, and needs that matched my own from when I was in my own hell of domestic violence, and figured others will need these programs to get out of their hell, and I truly want to help them do that. Also, I wrote a book to help domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, and anyone in an abusive situation to realize that what is happening to them is a CRIME!!!!  The Secret About Domestic Violence They Don’t Want You To Know on Amazon    –FREE 6/9/2018-6/15/2018 Do they not realize that? I did not know that when it was happening during my marriages!! Yes….marriages!! The minute I found out that domestic violence was a crime, you better believe I did something about it, and I was not going to mess around with that kind of inhumane treatment by narcissistic, self absorbed, selfish and creepy men that I was already warned about prior to the marriage, because I NEVER thought they would treat ME in such a horrible and cowardly manner, no way! I was a nice, cheerful, sweet, hopeful, caring, nurturing, friendly, genuine girl next door that does not judge others, believes in God, prays for others, loves and cherishes family values, friends and I would give you my last dollar if you needed it. But once I was a victim of teenage and domestic violence, and following the same pattern of relationships for 4 decades, it was time. I took what I knew, what I have learned, researched, and experienced in writing for all to know. I will and do intend to speak publicly to teach it to all teenagers and victims/survivors of all types of abuse. I have written programs for empowerment, self-love, healing and creativity. It works! I wrote my own program for me to follow for my life now, and I am one of the happiest people I know! Your mindset is your superpower! Create your violence-free future with me, I can and will help you for years if you are ready. I just need you to decide. What truly has to happen to make a decision to help you out of a horrible situation before it turns deadly? I beg you to get the help you need. Read the book, highlight in it, all the things that are or have happened to you, and I guarantee you will have more than a dozen items that are destroying you from your abuser. I challenge you to do it. Damn!! I am getting frustrated now. Email me at after you do, and tell me how many highlights you had. Visit