Have a Safety Exit Plan?

Why would I ever need a safety exit plan? That is exactly what I asked myself, until I really knew why. I had no way of getting my abuser out of my home. I certainly did not have the funds to get an attorney, start divorce proceedings, or tell him to leave that would have only made my situation worse. So, I had to wait until the next abusive situation to get help. It was almost too late. I had lost my life that night for what seemed an eternity. Attacked in my sleep, I lay there lifeless and unable to move. Until, the last neuron of energy ran through my mind that had told me to run. I ran so fast that I cleared the door, ran into the street, and fell due to the lack of oxygen to my brain that had depleted me from the sprint. I had a blessed neighbor see me in the street and notified the police. I got him out that night. That was the only plan I had. Get him out and away from me. Sometimes, that is the only way to get your abuser away from you and your children and home. How could I have prepared myself better? I needed a personalized safety exit plan. I had no knowledge one existed until a year later! Education is the preparation tool we have now to keep everyone informed. If you are being abused. Go to #METOONOMORE and visit the Resources section of  the website to download a personalized safety plan for yourself if you are the one that needs to get out of a dangerous situation before its too late. I was a lucky one that survived, and now I am here to tell you that it is a necessary read for you to implement and plan for the next time, or commit now and do not have a next time.